What Our Clients Say...

In 2006 I had decided that I was interested in purchasing a Mooney aircraft. I knew Rob McGuire was an A& P, a long time Mooney owner and an accomplished pilot.
I contacted Rob and asked him to function as my Mooney mentor during the pursuit of a suitable aircraft. Rob proved to be an invaluable resource for this effort. Rob aided me in evaluating various Mooney ads. He assisted me in determining the real value of various prospective aircraft. When we found an aircraft worthy of pursuing, Rob accompanied me during the initial visit and conducting our personal audit of the Mooney. He kept me from making an emotional decision and reassured me with his informed observations. Rob's extensive knowledge of the aircraft features, avionics equipment, maintenance records, service bulletins and AD's was obvious during the inspection. Rob also mentored me with the necessary steps for a successful aircraft purchase process.
The aircraft which I purchased has lived up to my expectations in every way. Rob's extensive Mooney aircraft ownership background provided the necessary knowledge to reassure me that I had found an aircraft worthy of my investment

Jim Simmons- Cheshire, CT

Dear Mr. Anglisano:
This is just a brief note from a satisfied customer! As you know, approximately 2 years ago, I consulted you for advice concerning upgrading the avionics for our plane. You were most patient with all of my questions and were quite responsive to same. You had made numerous recommendations and I subsequently followed your advice. Upon completion of the project, the plane is a pleasure to fly and is extremely well-equipped to fly under IFR conditions. Since then, when a question has arisen, you have been most patient and continue to provide explanations and suggestions.
Recently, I sought your advice when my wife and I wanted to upgrade to a more complex plane. Again, you gave sound advice and performed a significant amount of research. During these two years, I have learned that your knowledge and guidance are invaluable!
Thanks so much for all of your assistance!
Very truly yours,

Robert M. Dodenhoff, MD.

In 2006 (based in Atlanta, GA) I started my search for a used Mooney airplane. I found Rob McGuire’s C model on the internet. Upon reaching Rob via telephone, I was sad to hear that his plane had already been sold. Rob volunteered to me that he would be happy to help decide on the right plane if I would send him the leads once narrowed down. As a one year pilot at the time, this was truly remarkable to me that a total stranger would be willing to help me with such an important decision. Once the choices were in hand, Rob helped me decide on the planes to visit and which ones to eliminate. With his help, I found the plane of my dreams and have since upgraded to another Mooney with Rob’s help and guidance a second time. Rob has been a friend ever since and I totally trust his judgment.

Bryan Parker