Aircraft Ferry Service

Contact Aero Advocates and let us take care of the rest. We will handle all the flight planning, necessary permits, and pilot arrangements. Your pilot will arrive at the airport crisp, clean and ready to begin his journey. The pilot will spend several hours finalizing his flight plans, reviewing aircraft logs and the pilots operating handbook. Then expect a detailed preflight inspection to ensure that the aircraft is ready for a safe flight. If necessary, he/she may request a simple test flight to assure that a proper aircraft/pilot relationship has been established. After the ferry flight is underway, you can monitor the progress at simply by entering the tail number (VFR or IFR). At the completion of each leg, you can expect a phone call from the ferry pilot to share with you the progress along the way. Finally, the aircraft will arrive safe and sound at the final destination.

As your investment arrives on the ramp, you realize that you would NOT have trusted your investment with anyone else. Upon receiving your aircraft: the ferry pilot would love the opportunity to accompany you the first time you push the throttle forward and take to the skies for your first local flight. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Aero Advocates prides itself on using only our own in-house, high-time, highly experienced pilots. All of our pilots are qualified with years of experience on many different types of aircraft and worldwide operations.

Mooney Ferry Flight