Aero Maintenance-Plus

Properly maintaining an aircraft requires a technical savvy that comes from years of experience. As an aircraft owner, we know you possess the skills to make the right decisions when it comes to maintaining your aircraft. But do you know what maintenance items and conditions can safely be deferred and which need to be accomplished immediately?

Owners often feel overwhelmed and backed into a corner when a shop hands them pages of discrepancies found during an inspection. As certified mechanics and technicians, we’re armed to help make logical decisions on your behalf. For a yearly flat-rate fee, our Aero Maintenance-Plus program puts the time-consuming and confusing task of coordinating inspections and repair events on our shoulders – making logical decisions as if the aircraft were our own. We can even travel on site to oversee the maintenance process while keeping you informed of your aircrafts condition. This partnership saves you thousands of dollars as our professionals take an active role in working extensively and side-by side with trusted maintenance shops within the Aero Advocate network – putting your safety and budget front and center.

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