A Service Company
Aero Advocates is a team of aviation specialists who bridge the gap between you – the aircraft owner - and maintenance/sales organizations. Our specialists are respected and outspoken voices in the aviation industry with a proven track record for consumer advocacy. We’re avionics and maintenance specialists, flight instructors, and aircraft owners who are active in the general aviation community. Our collective knowledge and industry-wide relationships offer a broad spectrum of services that cater to the personal aircraft owner.

Our concept is unique to the industry but important in the current economic climate and we developed our strategies to help owners battle the confusing and challenging tasks that come with aircraft ownership and acquisition.  As aircraft become more complex, maintenance, training and upgrades are more costly. Our focus is to save you money by handling the tedious and time-consuming effort that’s required of owning an aircraft. We also want to be sure you make the right decision when buying or upgrading to a different aircraft. Whether it’s help acquiring a used or new aircraft, shopping for avionics upgrades, complying with maintenance events or transition and avionics training, Aero Advocates is your trusted source for all areas of your operations.

After years of working in the aviation service industries and enjoying valuable relationships built on trust and respect, the Aero Advocate founders realized the need for a professional and personalized aircraft service management company. A large percentage of satisfied customers suggested the start of our business when they realized the dollar and time savings our services offered them. Our company was built on a concept of providing honest and valuable advice and services. We're proud of our standing and earned trust in the industry. At Aero Advocates, we continue our heritage of looking out for the interest of our clients and continue to build on our respected reputation.
Further, our consultants have gained the trust and respect of both local and federal airborne law enforcement agencies for reliable maintenance services on their mission-critical aircraft.

Future Goals
We are currently developing our plans for the future.

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